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Privacy policy

Last updated: 29 June 2022

Privacy Policy Rules


The security of our users’ personal data is of high importance for us. These Privacy Policy Rules are designed to help our customers figure out what kind of information we and our third-party partners collect and why, what data we do with it, and what rights our clients have when using any mobile application, website, or any other digital content on any of the platforms. The current Privacy Policy applies to all Services we provide on websites, mobile gadgets as well as any other platform or device. We are merchants, as well as developers of software and applications Smart Watch Sync - Fast Bluetooth Connection. The processing of user data is not the direct purpose of our organization's business. It is essential to keep in mind that our team always acts as auxiliary processors of customers’ personal information. We received this data from third-party information controllers. By reading the current privacy policy rules the application users can obtain more detailed information about the company’s processes in connection with the processing of personal data.

How Does Our Company Use Customer Data?

We process the personal data of mobile application users for the following legitimate business purposes:

To Provide and Manage Our Services:

• to create user accounts/profiles that allow you to use our Services, as needed;
• to provide and manage the Services you request;
• to enable you to communicate with other users;
• to send you communications related to the Services (for instance: regarding changes, updates, new features);
• to verify and confirm payments (we do not collect or store credit card information, our payment service providers give us information about your purchases so that we know if the payment went through);
• to provide suitable versions of our services (for instance, the desired language);
• to respond to your support requests (for example, if you contact us with a complaint or comment);
• to provide social features as part of the Services.

For the Security and Transparency of Our Services:

We use the clients’ data to ensure the safety and transparency of the social features of the Services, to combat fraud, and to provide an acceptable use, as follows:
• to track the use of the Services and their social features;
• for automatic or manual moderation of chats;
• to prevent and/or detect illegal activity, deception, or fraudulent activity;
• to take action against users who commit fraudulent or deceptive acts, as well as against illegal activities (including against hacking or cheating).

To Organize Various Competitions, Tournaments, and Events

Our organization may process clients’ personal data to organize competitions, tournaments, and events, as well as to determine the winner and deliver prizes. If you wish to participate in our contests and competitions, you must provide us with the requested personal data. We may also publish the names and applications of participants. This information may also be combined with the account information and will be treated under this Privacy Policy.

To Improve the Services Based on the Users’ Preferences:

• to conduct optional user surveys;
• to be able to provide a personalized user experience (based on your purchase history, in-app activity, and other information);
• to conduct research, testing, optimizing, developing, and improving the Services and user experience;
• to remember information for your subsequent authorization when using the Services;
• to inform you about promotions, awards, upcoming events, and other news about the products and services of our application;
• to enable our team to receive information about errors you/your gadget encounter while using our Services and to correct problems and compatibility issues;
• to process and analyze data to better understand your preferences and improve your user experience and enjoyment of our Services. We may also collect statistics about your interactions with the community, such as whether you view messages or what links you click on;
• if you choose to interact with our team through a social network or community pages, we may collect your information and use it to operate our social network and community pages, including interacting with you, and we may also share your posts on these pages.

For Promotion Purposes (Marketing and Advertising):

• to tailor relevant personalized or non-personalized advertising to you;
• to request our advertising partners to show or not show our advertisements to you based on your user’s activity;
• to track applications installs and activity in in-app events (to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns);
• to provide you with personalized user’s offers and rewards (based on your purchase history and user’s activity, among other information);
• to send marketing communications and/or newsletters.

For Other Purposes:

• to comply with the legit obligations of our mobile application;
• to exercise, establish, or defend the company’s legit rights, or to protect the vital interests of you or others;
• with your consent, we may also process your data for additional purposes.

Legal Basis for Processing Customers’ Personal Information

Our team processes user data for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, according to the following legit bases:

With the Client’s Consent

Our team as well as our service providers/partners may ask for customers’ consent to process their data for certain purposes, which will be explained to users when their consent is requested.

On the Basis of Legitimate Interest

The application administration process clients’ personal data for our legitimate business interests that do not violate customers’ privacy and may reasonably be expected in the context of their use of our Services, in particular:

• to analyze and improve our Services to meet the needs of our users;
• to develop new products and features;
• to detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud, misuse, security, or technical issues with our application;
• to protect us, our users, or the public from infringement, property damage, or safety hazards, as required by law or to the extent permitted by law;
• to provide our users with a personalized app experience, in-app offers, and rewards;
• for promotion purposes (including marketing and advertising);
• to manage social media pages.

During the Conclusion and Execution of the Contract

We process customers’ data to provide the Services they request (for instance, make the application available to users, provide customer support services, and all that jazz).

While Complying with Legit Obligations

Our team processes users’ data when there is a corresponding legit obligation, for example, in response to a court order or a reasonable request from public authorities.

Types of Personal User Information We Collect

The table shows the type of user personal data and the purposes of such collection and/or processing that we carry out.

the purpose of data collecting/processing types of clients’ personal info legit grounds for such collecting/processing the storage time
providing access to the application
  1. google signing-up info;

  2. the automatically-collected information;

  3. the user’s gadget id;

  4. the user’s gadget model.

performance of the privacy policy terms while the portal is installed on your gadget
safety and security needs
  1. the information of third parties;

  2. google profile info.

legit interest no more than 3 years
user support service
  1. google profile info;

  2. the information got by the portal.

performance of the privacy policy terms while the portal is installed on your gadget
interaction via the application
  1. google profile info;

  2. the client’s details such as name, surname, age, country of residence, e-mail, and other things.

performance of the privacy policy terms no more than 3 years
market options
  1. google signing-up info;

  2. the automatically-collected information;

  3. the location info.

legit interest and user’s consent while the portal is installed on your gadget
legit compliance
  1. google signing-up info;

  2. the automatically-collected information;

  3. the information got by the portal;

  4. transactions’ details.

legit compliance no more than 3 years
  1. google signing-up info;

  2. the automatically-collected information;

  3. the information got by the portal.

legit interest while the portal is installed on your gadget

Study the following table to get to know the meaning of the system files to which clients give the consent.

android.permission.bluetooth allows application to connect to paired bluetooth devices
android.permission.bluetooth_admin allows application to discover and pair bluetooth devices
android.permission.access_coarse_location allows an app to access approximate location
android.permission.access_fine_location allows an app to access precise location
android.permission.foreground_service allows a regular application to use service.startforeground
android.permission.vibrate allows access to the vibrator
com.android.vending.billing allows application to use in - app purchase
android.permission.internet allows applications to open network sockets
android.permission.access_network_state allows applications to access information about networks
permission query_all_packages allows query of any normal app on the device, regardless of manifest declarations

These types of data may be required by third parties. Our application servers do not have these data types. For this reason, the app asks for user consent. As a result, the clients of our application will be able to access it, and we will be able to ensure the stable functioning of the platform. We will do all this according to the requirements of the current legislation.

Who Can User Data Be Shared With?

We may share customers’ personal data to:

1. Our affiliates and members of Smart Watch Sync - Fast Bluetooth Connection, both inside and outside the European Economic Area;
2. Third-party service providers and partners with whom we partner to provide the Services and who may be independent controllers of customers’ data. This means that this Privacy Policy does not cover the collection of clients’ information by such partners and that they are responsible for processing the information independently of us. The application clients may need to contact them directly to exercise their rights.
3. Other users, as social features are an important part of our application.
4. Any competent law enforcement, regulatory, or other government agency, court, or other third parties, if we are positive that the transfer of personal data is necessary:
• to comply with applicable law or regulation;
• to exercise, establish, or protect our legit rights;
• to protect the vital interests of you or any other person.
1. Individuals and companies outside the Smart Watch Sync - Fast Bluetooth Connection group who provide services to us (for example, hosting providers, support services, attribution service companies, social media management services, security services, optimization services, mailing services, marketing and advertising agencies, analytics services, services that enhance the functionality of the services, and other services that help us develop and manage our Services, lawyers, external auditors, etc.).
2. Prospective or actual purchaser in connection with any proposed or actual purchase, merger, or acquisition of any part of our business, provided that we inform the purchaser that they are required to use your personal data solely for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.

How Do We Handle Information We Collect From Users?

Saving User Personal Data

Our team is committed to retaining such information for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes described in this Privacy Policy Rule. If the current legislation requires an increase in the term, then we will do so.

Security Measures

We provide and implement all necessary security measures to protect the personal data of our users. Feel free to contact us via e-mail [email protected] in case you are positive that your interaction with our company is no longer safe and secure.

Ways to Manage User Data

If a user of our mobile application wishes to change the way data is processed, he or she has the full right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. If a user of our application wishes to access, or in any way modify any personal data we have obtained and hold about him or her, he or she may send us an email at [email protected]

Age Restrictions

At the time of collection of personal data, we do not know the real age of our users. We do not knowingly collect or solicit personal information from users under the age of 16, and we do not intentionally target personalized advertising to such users. If you believe that we have any data from or relating to a child under the age of 16, please contact us so that we can delete such information as quickly as possible.

Privacy and Subscription Considerations

Our users must be fully informed of the Subscription and Refund Policy of our organization. Occasionally, app customers may receive a notification with pricing terms and details of a subscription offer or some updates.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

From time to time, we make changes to our Privacy Policy and any changes that may be made in the future will be posted on this page and we may notify you if necessary.

Legit Details

When our company is engaged in the collection and direct processing of client personal data, it adheres to the principles and rules provided for by the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation. If you have any questions on the privacy policy rules of our mobile application, contact us using the e-mail THE [email protected]